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FarmIQ Pro

The Pro

Identify and manage individual animals that are helping your bottom line versus the ones that are hurting it.

Individual EID management

Meat and milk
production data

In-depth analysis
and reports

With EID recording and reporting, FarmIQ Pro lets you track the productivity and welfare of every single animal on your farm. It gives you the information required to optimise your livestock in an easy-to-understand format, plus powerful analysis of the entire farm operation. Pro includes all the features of the Performance+ pack, as well these extras below:

What's included in FarmIQ Pro?

Individual animal recording and reporting

Monitor growth rates and finishing metrics at an individual animal level. 

Lifetime history of the animal

Get full traceability records of each animal to help manage your audit requirements. 

Manage your NAIT requirements

Remove the need for using two systems with our NAIT integration. 

Nutrient analysis reporting

See your complete nutrient analysis season-by-season breakdown at the block or paddock level. 

Predictive finishing reporting

Keep a couple of steps ahead by knowing when an animal will be at the target weight and is ready to be processed. 

Spreader integration with GPS spreading units

View the automatic feed of what your contractors have applied. 

$235 per month

Got two or more farms? We've got a discount for that

Meet a FarmIQ Pro farmer

Managing a 5,000ha sheep, beef and deer farm whilst training 22 cadets is no easy feat. Rob Evans discusses how FarmIQ is helping the team at Smedley Station run a more efficient and effective farming operation while providing the cadets with valuable on the job experience. The System is an information hub, that allows farmers to compare and benchmark, and also link back to the market to deliver more of what works best.

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