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FarmIQ Lite

The Lite

Remove the pain of rules and regulations by managing compliance in one simple and practical place.

farm map

Health and

Farm Plan

Lite keeps things simple, while effectively sorting your compliance requirements. You’ll have your own
interactive farm map, as well as NAIT notification features, staff management tools and everything you
need to keep up with rules and regulations.

What's included in Lite?

An interactive digital farm map on mobile and desktop

Map out unique features and hazards on your farm. 

Everything you need to tackle compliance

Freshwater Farm Plan, Farm Assurance Programme and Farm Environment Plan dashboards.

Health and safety that looks after the whole team

A fully featured health and safety tool reviewed by WorkSafe New Zealand. 

Animal activity tracking

Record sales, purchases, births, deaths and transfers. 

Third-party access and contractor management

Give your wider team - accountant, banker, consultant, vet - access to all the information they need.

Day-to-day task management and planning

Get the admin sussed with your FarmIQ diary, calendar, tasks and farm plans. 

$40 per month

Got two or more farms? We've got a discount for that

Meet a FarmIQ farmer

Grant McCulloch is a busy man; full-time accountant and director at RJ Preston, husband and father of young children as well as running a 120ha farm 30 minutes south of Christchurch. Grant uses FarmIQ to help manage his animal health plans and treatments, casual staff and to make decisions for the year ahead.

Integrations available with
Performance+ and Pro

Ready to take your digital journey to the next level?
Check out our Performance+ and Pro packs which have integrations with:

Have you heard about FarmIQ Essentials?

The Essentials pack gives you all your essential farm data at your fingertips for more accurate and valuable decision-making.

  • Staff management

  • Interactive farm map

  • Essential stock records

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