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FARMAX is a modelling and decision support tool, developed to help Kiwi farmers get the balance right. 

With FARMAX you build a model of your whole farm system and use this model to record actual farm performance data, forecast future expectations and create unlimited scenarios for your farm system. FARMAX accurately predicts the impacts of business decisions before you make them.

You can ask FARMAX questions such as:

  • What is my GHG number?

  • Do I have enough pasture for summer?

  • Can I carry more stock?

  • When is the optimum time to apply nitrogen?

  • Should I increase cropping or purchase supplements?

  • What is the maximum production I can get from my farm system?

We've joined forces

FarmIQ merged with FARMAX in 2021, and together they provide the industry with the most complete farm management solution, encompassing both recording and predictive modelling functionality.

Using both FarmIQ and FARMAX provides a holistic view of the whole farm system, not just profit, production and sustainability, but people, land and processes as well.

Quite simply, they are better together.

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