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FarmIQ Essentials

The Essentials

Have all your essential farm data at your fingertips for more accurate and valuable decision-making.


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The FarmIQ Essentials pack is the ideal first step into farm recording, with all of your vital farm information safe and sound in one place. It has everything you need to plan, capture and record what’s happening with your animals, land, staff and inventory in a way that’s easy to recall, share and review. FarmIQ Essentials includes all the features of the Lite pack, as well these extras below:

What's included in Essentials?

An interactive digital farm map on mobile and desktop

Map out features and hazards on your farm. 

Basic land recording of fertiliser and chemical applications

Monitor your fertiliser and chem levels for peace of mind and auditing purposes. 

Staff timesheets and job management

Keep track of your staff and prioritise the day-to-day tasks. 

Animal health treatments in a handy farm calendar/diary

Prepare for an audit by keeping track of animal health treatments. 

Digital version of the Farm Environment Plan

Stay ahead of compliance obligations.

Keep the team up to date on health and safety issues

Ensure visitors are safe on farm using our SafeVisit app.

$80 per month

Got two or more farms? We've got a discount for that

Meet a FarmIQ farmer

Based in Ashburton, The Lowe Family faces some of the toughest nutrient laws in the country and require consent to farm. As part of this consent, it is compulsory for them to maintain a Farm Environment Plan (FEP) and go through the audit process. To reduce the stress of meeting these requirements, they chose to use FarmIQ and provide their auditor with third-party access.

Integrations available with
Performance+ and Pro

Ready to take your digital journey to the next level?
Check out our Performance+ and Pro packs which have integrations with:

Have you heard about FarmIQ Performance+?

The Performance+ pack helps you achieve your profit, production and sustainability goals for your farm, with better stock and grazing management.

  • Optimal grazing management

  • Stock reconciliation

  • Data integrations

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