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The Better Together Podcast

Born and raised in New Zealand, The Better Together Podcast discusses all things powering pastoral farming success today and in the future. Gain insight from across the board as hosts Russell MacKay and Tom Botica chat through the hottest topics in agriculture with friends from all over the industry.


The Rural Roundup

Farm IQ have been a massive supporter of the rural roundup, and every week have a dedicated segment.


Freshwater Farm Plan Tool 

Join our FarmIQ experts Russell MacKay, Todd White and Tara Hegarty as they get you up to speed on what the new FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan tool is and how it can help you map your land, complete a risk assessment and build a 5-year action plan.

This tool will make sorting your FWFP a hell of a lot easier as it will guide you through all the required sections, step by step.

Country Wide

There are lots of great farm management tools out there, but how do you know which one is right for you? Russell McKay from FarmIQ answers the important questions on the live Q&A with Country Wide.

The Muster Newsletter

Our quarterly newsletter - The Muster - keeps you up to date on all things FarmIQ and FARMAX. From software updates, events and trainings, to tips and tricks, case studies and industry news, all you need to know will be in here. 

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