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Handy features that you can use through the mobile app or the desktop app. 

Keep a birds-eye view with our interactive farm map

Accurately plan and record your farm information straight from the map using your own farm paddocks, features, hazards and assets. Easy to create on your own, or if you prefer we can create your map for you. 

  • Drop a pin on the map to let staff know what tasks need doing and where. 

  • Quantify land inputs, such as fertiliser and chemicals. 

  • Measure distance, plan fencing and other capital improvements. 

Save time on compliance and assurance

Meeting compliance obligations can be time-consuming and costly. FarmIQ has the tools and functionality to help you provide the right information in the right format at the right time to those that need it, at the click of a mouse.

With FarmIQ, you take the lead in demonstrating good management practice across your farm system, creating a better, safer, more credible business.

  • Freshwater Farm Plan

  • Farm Assurance Programme

  • Automated NAIT notifications

  • Farm Environment Plan

See how your animals are performing

Animals are the lifeblood of any farm and their performance and welfare is of paramount importance.

The ability to record, report and analyse data relating to animals not only helps you improve productivity and performance, but it also helps to build consumer confidence where it’s needed most.

  • Animal health treatments

  • Stock reconciliation

  • Individual EID recording

  • Sales, purchases, deaths and transfers

  • Animal weights and weigh scale integration

  • Stock movements across paddocks

Optimise pasture and
feed management

For livestock farmers, keeping an accurate record of everything land-related is no longer optional, it’s a critical part of modern pastural farming.

And, as restrictions over land usage, water quality and nitrogen leaching become more stringent, technology plays an increasingly important role not just in reporting, but also by helping maximise the return from the land.

  • Pasture growth report

  • Pasture wedge

  • Planting and harvesting

  • Paddock nutrient reporting

  • Grazing days report

  • Fertiliser and chemical application recording

Sort your health and safety easily

FarmIQ has an extensive health and safety tool with functionality reviewed by Worksafe New Zealand. Our health and safety module integrates with the SafeVisit app to manage visitor safety on farm.

  • Identify hazards on the map

  • Record and report on incidents and near misses

  • Capture health and safety training records, and record team meetings

  • Store emergency plans and related documentation

  • Produce reports on health and safety compliance

Get everyone on
the same page

People bring a farm to life and make it tick, but making sure people are safe, trained, paid and retained is hard work, particularly on larger farms with many staff. 

FarmIQ helps ensure that jobs get done thanks to our tasks on the map functionality; let staff know who's responsible for which job, when it's due and where it needs to be done. 

FarmIQ also makes it easy to pre-qualify your contractors and manage farm visits.

  • Task management and notifications

  • Staff and contractor records

  • Timesheets and rosters

  • Contractor and visitor management

  • Third party access

  • Contractor pre-qualification

New features on the new mobile app

Our new mobile app is making it easier for farmers to record on the go