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The FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan Tool

Thursday 7 March 2024
12pm - 12:30pm

Join our FarmIQ experts Russell MacKay, Tara Hegarty and Todd White as they get you up to speed on what the new FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan tool is and how it can help you map your land, complete a risk assessment and build a 5-year action plan.

This tool will make sorting your FWFP a hell of a lot easier as it will guide you through all the required sections, step by step.


  • A short tour through the FWFP tool

  • How to use the tool

  • Information on pricing

  • Other new mobile and web app features

  • Q&A


Russell MacKay
Head of Sales and Marketing, FarmIQ

From a 150 year old family farm in eastern Southland, Russell MacKay has lived and breathed farming and agribusiness, with roles including fencing, shepherding, agri-tourism, farming and rural banking - as well as a stint dog sledding in Canada for a change of scenery.

As Head of Sales and Marketing, Russell is passionate about showing farmers how FarmIQ can take their business to the next level.

Tara Hegarty
Customer Support Specialist, FarmIQ

Tara is a Technical Support Specialist for FARMAX, helping customers with any questions they have about the FARMAX products. Additionally, she works with the product team on upcoming features and hosts training workshops around the country.

Tara has recently completed her Master's in Environmental Science, which looked at land use conflicts in forestry and agriculture.

Todd White
Head of Product

Todd has more than 25 years' experience in agriculture and agritech, including completing a PhD in pastoral science at Massey University, working in the farm system team at AgResearch, and working in various farm, science and education roles across the United States. He has been at FarmIQ for 11 years.

As Head of Product, his goal is to solve farmer problems by delivering simple but powerful technology solutions that advance the financial performance and environmental sustainability of pasture-based farming systems.