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The FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan Tool is now live!

Today is the day! The Freshwater Farm Plan tool in FarmIQ is now live and available in every FarmIQ pack.

We created the FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan tool to help simplify the process and take you through all the sections step by step, in easy-to-chew bites. 

Our Freshwater Farm Plan tool will help you:

  1. Map your land 

  2. Complete a risk assessment 

  3. Build a 5-year action plan 

You can work by yourself or in tandem with your consultant or farm advisor, thanks to our easy third-party access.

Your plan will be tailored specifically to your farm, your farming system and your local catchment. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so the FarmIQ Freshwater Planning tool can help you decide what is relevant to you and your farm. 

The benefits of the FarmIQ FWFP Tool

  • Easy and straightforward to use online tool

  • Be guided through every step of your FWFP

  • All of your FWFP info stored in one place

  • Use the interactive and customisable FarmIQ map - tailored specifically to your farm

  • Work alongside your farm team, consultants, accountants and other contractors

  • Meet your council regulations

  • Pin tasks on the map so your team can complete FWFP actions

For more information, head to our Freshwater Farm Plan page or download our info sheet here