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New FarmIQ packs and pricing

We’ve been working on a new product suite that will make it easier for farmers to find the FarmIQ product that best suits their needs. 

We've also changed our pricing to be per farm instead of per stock unit. Feedback from our customers has been that pricing according to stock unit is too confusing and users would prefer a standard price upfront.  

If you are a current FarmIQ user you will still get the same great features (plus some awesome new features!), but the name of your pack will change. The price will change too, with some users paying a little more and some paying a little less. Nothing will change for you right now - we'll be in touch in April to let you know more about your new pack and price. 

To ensure you’re still getting a valuable farm tool, we’ve added a few new features to each pack, including our FarmIQ Freshwater Farm Plan tool.

Additionally, we’re introducing a multi-farm discount, so if you have more than two farms using FarmIQ you’ll pay less per farm. You'll get 25% off your second and third farms, and 50% off any farms after that.

Here's how the packs have changed


There's a brand new product: an introductory pack called Lite.

Lite keeps things simple, while effectively sorting your compliance requirements. You’ll have your own interactive farm map, staff management tools and everything you need to keep up with rules and regulations.

Read more about Lite here. 

Everyday will become Essentials 

The Essentials pack is the ideal first step into farm recording, with all of your vital farm information safe and sound in one place, and integrated NAIT reporting for all your stock movements. It has everything you need to plan, record and recall what’s happening with your animals, land, staff and inventory in a way that’s simple and easy.

Read more about Essentials here. 

Performance will become Performance+ 

The Performance+ pack helps you achieve your profit, production and sustainability goals for your farm. In addition to all the Essential pack features, there are a range of pasture and animal management tools to help you optimise the growth and use of your pasture.

Read more about Performance+ here. 

Enterprise will become Pro 

With EID recording and reporting, Pro lets you track the productivity and welfare of every single animal on your farm. It gives you the information required to optimise your livestock in an easy-to-understand format, plus powerful analysis of the entire farm operation.

Read more about Pro here. 

The FarmIQ team is more than happy to help if you have any questions about the new packs or if you need help deciding which pack is the best one for you and your farm.

For more information on the specific features in each pack, check out our pack comparison sheet here