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Move your mob, while moving your mob!

You can now record mob moves faster than ever on our new mobile app - making it easier to keep an accurate record of your stock and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

On a rainy day, the last thing you want to do is to hike to the other side of the farm to shift a mob, only to find out they were moved yesterday.

Knowing where your stock are at all times and having access to an Event Log keeps your mind at ease. And coupled with our digital map, this feature is also handy for helping new staff or visitors find their way around the farm. 

Before Christmas, we put in the hard yards creating an offline capability that will let you record anywhere, at anytime. This is just a taster of what’s to come on the recording front.

What's new for mobile users?

  • Shift your mob from paddock to paddock, whilst out of coverage.

  • An Event log to see what events you have recorded on the go, and the syncing status of those events within the system.

  • An in-app feature onboarding guide to walk you through what's new.

  • You can now edit the time or date of a mob move

Feature enhancement - mooove part of your mob!

Are you constantly changing the number of animals needing to go to different paddocks? Whether it's to balance the demand vs supply of feed or you're in the lead up to lambing season, being able to move part of a mob in FarmIQ helps keep everything in order. Key benefits: 

  • Know where your stock are at all times with an up-to-date stock rec

  • Accurately represent your mobs and their paddock allocations on FarmIQ as they are in real life on farm