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Less work off the farm with animal health treatment recording on the go

Our new and improved mobile access to animal health treatments (AHT) makes it faster and easier for all FarmIQ farmers* to update their records from your new mobile app.  

Thanks to our latest updates, farmers can add their treatments on-the-go directly from the map, cutting data entry time in half. Anything recorded from the mobile app will be added to your animal health treatment report, making sure you’re all set when it comes time for assurance audits. 

The key benefits:

  • Easy access to animal health treatments on the new mobile app

  • Animal health treatment inputs are NZFAP compliant, you’ll have everything you need 

  • Allows farmers to record on-the-go 

  • More accurate record keeping 

  • Reduced need to double record keeping (ditch the notebook and add directly to the app!) 

  • You can now view your last animal health treatment for your mob

  • Select part of a mob to receive AHT