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Access the info you need, faster, with new mob history updates

In August we released some awesome updates to the Mob history, meaning you’ll be able to access the information you need, faster.

The key benefits:

  • The new design brings the important information to the forefront, where it’s easier to see and update your Mob history data.

  • You can now access the Mob history from a pop-up so you don’t lose where you were working or what updates you were making. 

  • There's improved graphing of key data, including the ability to zero in on different time periods and a brand new growth rate graph.

  • Sort the data how you want it – you can organise by more categories, such as treatment, product, rate, etc.

  • If there’s something missing, you can now add a record from the Mob history.

  • If there’s an error in your records, you can now edit events straight from the Mob history.

  • When you’re looking in the diary and need more context, you’re now able to access the Mob history from the diary event by clicking the Mob history icon.