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Is your animal dead and gone? Record it in FarmIQ

Recording a death while out and about on farm has never been easier thanks to our new and improved mobile app!

This feature enables users to quickly and simply add a death on farm, making it more efficient for all FarmIQ farmers to keep all their records up to date – no matter whether they are in the shed or out on the back blocks.

All FarmIQ packs can record deaths, however, getting there is slightly different. Everyday pack farmers can record a death via their favourites list, whereas Performance and Enterprise pack farmers can record it via their map. 

The key benefits:

  • Easy access to recording a death on the new mobile app 

  • Ensure you are always compliant with NZFAP as you can record the death there and then 

  • Easily keep your stock rec up to date 

  • Consistently collect data to view patterns in animal deaths – is there a serious issue going on that needs to be addressed? 

Make sure to update your app on either Google Play for Android or the App Store for iOS to access the latest features.

This feature is available for all FarmIQ packs.