Farmers say…

David Acland of Mt Somers Station

Building paddock records

Recording paddock information with farm software is now second nature for David Acland and his team on Mt Somers Station. It means the information is easy to access when needed for a range of purposes.

“This morning I saw the Livestock Manager with the software up on his computer and he was planning the day with his team. It gives them a good visual...”

There’s a lot to keep track of - with subdivision, cropping and re-grassing programmes on the 3000ha effective area. Recording into the software as they go helps. David’s taking a long-term view. “We are building up a history of our paddocks so that in future we’ll have really good data.”

It includes recording applications of fertiliser and chemicals by paddock, so they can provide information to Environment Canterbury, Silver Fern Farms and Fonterra for their dairy farm. “The FarmIQ software gives us one platform to do it all.”

Farmers say…

Simplifying things

Canterbury farm manager Hamish Chamberlain has put aside his spreadsheets this season. Instead, he is using FarmIQ farm management software to help him manage finishing around 12,000 stock units.

“I used to do all the records for the lamb trading manually. That meant I used to run at least 10 spreadsheets. Those covered things like stock sales and purchases, animal health, weight gains, killing, pasture covers, chemical use and fertiliser use for each season. You need to record all of that to run things efficiently and also you need to show some of it for meat company accreditation. It was coming up to time to review the spreadsheets for the next year, and I wasn’t looking forward to it. I thought, ‘There must be a better way.’”

Another advantage he’s found is the software includes a mapping function that he has used to mark up a map to go with the Farm Environment Plan submitted to Environment Canterbury.

Farmers say…

Using the right tools

Doug Avery has transformed his farm business by making sure he’s using the right tools to help the farm run better and more profitably. Looking back, Doug describes himself as a farmer who was good at the day-to-day work :  "driving a tractor, shifting sheep, milking cows or fencing. That work, I could find someone to do that…"

But he says running a farm business requires more tactical tools, like the FarmIQ farm management software, along with feed budgeting and financial software. 

"Then there’s another level of what I call strategic work – looking at the vision going forward, including whole-farm systems change, plant species, stock type, integration... If you’re not doing feed budgeting, data recording and analysis, and if you can’t come up with a figure for how many cents per kilogram dry matter you earn for each of your activities – you really don’t know what is happening and you never will."

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