Comment: Take the guesswork out of nutrient management

The FarmIQ software includes tools that can help with nutrient management, says Libby Wood – the FarmIQ Business Manager for Upper North Island....

All the user has to do is record fertiliser applications – in real time or historically and the software does the rest. You get reporting based on applied nutrients and it’s a heat map so it’s very visual.  

Comment: Take a bow John McEwan

A key ingredient for a research and development programme like FarmIQ is leaders with vision and the ability to pull together teams and funding.

It has been our pleasure to work with John McEwan of AgResearch over the past six years of the programme - as he has both these qualities in spades. John recently retired and we would like to acknowledge his enormous contribution.

Comment: Value of a real-time stock rec

The realtime stock rec helps to make stock management decisions easy, says Tara Dwyer – the FarmIQ Business Manager for Otago...

FarmIQ’s stock management capabilities revolve around an interactive stock reconciliation that a farmer can keep up to date, in real time.

Comment: New Map Pack

The FarmIQ Packs line-up

We've had feedback from FarmIQ subscribers about how much they like the online mapping.

It gives them a whole new way of viewing their land and assists everything from day-to-day running of the farm to strategic thinking.

Comment: Over 4 million

Four young users at a recent training day

It was clear from the beginning of the FarmIQ programme that the key to success would be developing tools that deliver real value to farming and will become a resource for the industry.

Every now and then we crunch the numbers, and we're pleased to see that stock unit numbers are now comfortably over the 4 million stock-unit mark. That's at least 2.8 million head, with 350,000 cattle, 2.4 million sheep and 136,000 deer, being farmed on around 1 million hectares.

Comment: Making it easier

Shared stand at Fieldays

FarmIQ aims to help make life easier for farmers. 

While we're focused on developing tools to help you lift the productivity of your farm business and deal with compliance, we always keep in mind your need for efficiency, convenience and time savings. It needs to be about helping you farming smarter – not harder.

Comment: Software spreads its wings

It's been an interesting process designing and building farm management software and seeing how it is received.

Farmers and associated businesses who we talked to along the way had many ideas about how it could be used as a tool to lift the productivity and profitability of New Zealand farming. Not everything has come to fruition – or some have taken time. And meanwhile some new opportunities have arisen.

There are two examples worth mentioning just now, as they are both falling into place nicely.

Comment: What it replaces

A useful way of looking at the question of what farm management software can do for a farm is to consider what this software replaces for farmers who are using it.

One of the most obvious things is that it offers paperless recording. For Wairarapa farmer Marcus Edge it replaces his farm notebook

Comment: A new farm data economy

It was great for FarmIQ to be part of a session on innovation during the Future Farms conference in Palmerston North recently.

We were in good company, with companies talking about robotics, sensing and imaging, and the "soft" side of looking after people and telling the story about how things like grass-fed beef and lamb have been produced.

Comment: It's feedback time on the farm

Most farms are now well into drafting off finished stock and sending them to the works, especially with the El Niño warnings.

There will be some mixed feelings for many of you as you watch them go off – it's good to have done the job and got them finished, but some product prices aren’t what was originally expected this season ‒ and the weather has been as variable as the forecasts.