Case Studies

Case study: Assessing a forage - red clover

Rosebank Farm near Gore is using the FarmIQ System to assess the performance of a new block of red clover, which they're using to finish lambs.

View the case study: Rosebank case study Assessing forage value - red clover (6 pages, 0.5 Mb PDF)

Case study: Hogget lambing earning $55 more

Stuart Farm is using the FarmIQ System to maximise its hogget lambing results, with each weaned lamb raising the dam’s productivity by at least $55 per hogget mated. 

Case study: Animal health reports spur actions

Animal health trend reporting through the FarmIQ System has shown up some animal health issues at Whangara Farms on the East Coast. They are now using the System to assess animal health treatments. 

Case study: Disease and defect costs made clear

Farmers may not be aware of diseases and defects that are costing them in lost returns because they are not usually visible. Using reporting through the FarmIQ System, one farmer has found that he was losing money through a high rate of inoculation defects in lambs.

View the case study: Case study Cost of diseases and defects made clear (0.5Mb PDF)

Case study: Targeting a market window to maximise returns

Stuart Farm in Fiordland is using the FarmIQ System to analyse its performance in targeting a market window. Getting finished animals away during such a window can lift returns. 

View the case study: Stuart case study Targeting a market window (0.5Mb PDF)

Case study: Assessing new genetics

Results from an on-farm comparison have helped pin down a new breed policy at Otago property Hunter Hills. 

Case study: Tracking individual lamb performance

Mangarata Farm in Wairarapa has been recording information for individual lambs against EID tags. When the farm information is integrated with slaughter information about these animals, they are able to make useful performance comparisons. For example, they have assessed the genetics being used.

View the case study: Mangarata case study Tracking individual lamb performance April 2014 (0.8Mb PDF)

Case study: Breaking the cycle worth at least $52,000

On North Canterbury property White Rock Mains, they are breaking out of a cycle that was suppressing their ewes' reproductive performance. This could deliver a lamb crop worth an extra $52,000 at weaning.

View the case study WRM case study Breaking the cycle March 2014 (0.7Mb PDF)