FarmIQ helps Brenssells with communication

The fourth generation of Brenssells on 10,000ha Fernvale are using the FarmIQ software to run their growing beef and sheep business.

Lloyd Brenssell says "transparency, clarity and communication" are the key to success.

Data links for milk production data

Suppliers to several dairy companies can now get more value from their milk information by taking advantage of automated or manual data links.

FarmIQ has developed the links so farmers using the Dairy+ Pack can view their milk information alongside all their other farm data on a report dashboard. This means they monitor performance in a range of ways and be proactive. Possible views include per-cow or per-hectare production each day or monitoring performance against targets.

New farm assurance feature in FarmIQ

A new Farm Assurance Programme (FAP) feature in the FarmIQ software makes it easier to meet meat companies’ farm audit requirements.

Using this feature helps farmers make sure they’re keeping the right records and that they are easy to access.

The feature is based on the New Zealand Farm Assurance Programme (NZFAP), which was developed by the Red Meat Profit Partnership (RMPP) in 2017 and is supported by most of New Zealand’s major meat processors.

Students get a taste of FarmIQ

Around 90 students taking a second-year management paper at Lincoln University have had a chance to use the FarmIQ online environment plan.

Lecturer Dave Askin worked with Steve Knight from FarmIQ to set a task for an internal assessment as part of the Agricultural Systems and Sustainability (MGMT 203) course.

The paper has a focus on sustainable use and management of land, and students were required to produce an environment plan for Longspur, a Rakaia Gorge property owned by William Innes.

FarmIQ completes capital raising round

Farmlands Cooperative Society Ltd has taken a shareholding in farm software company FarmIQ Systems Ltd, as part of a capital raising round.

FarmIQ Systems Ltd is a New Zealand-based technology company that develops and markets software for farming and agribusiness.

Farmlands joins Landcorp Farming Ltd, Silver Fern Farms Joint Ventures Ltd and Veterinary Enterprises Group Ltd as shareholders in FarmIQ Systems Ltd.

Rural Directions help farmers get the most out of FarmIQ

Emma Doran - Farm Services Technician with Rural Directions

A Hawke’s Bay-based company is offering farmers help with using the FarmIQ software, as part of a developing technical advisory business.

Welcome to Jock

Jock Richardson, pictured at a farmer workshop

Jock Richardson has taken on the role of General Manager, Sales and Customer Success at FarmIQ.  This is a key new position in the FarmIQ organisational structure that was introduced in July.

Jock’s previous roles include more than 10 years at LIC. He started with FarmIQ in September and has quickly become acquainted with the workings of the teams that report to him in the areas of Support, Training and Sales.

Click here to hear Jock Richardson talk about his role at FarmIQ (1½ minutes, YouTube).

New FarmIQ Dairy+ Pack

FarmIQ is pleased to announce the release of the new Dairy+ Pack.

This contains some new dairy-specific features as well as existing features to help dairy farmers manage their cows and feed, land and staff. The new features for dairy include feed planning tools and milk production information linking into a dashboard. FarmIQ believes this pack is the most complete farm management software available and the company is delighted to make it available to New Zealand’s dairy farmers.

Training videos

FarmIQ’s online Help now includes three short videos that show how to set up and change farm maps.

Videos are a really useful part of the training mix, says FarmIQ Training Manager Teena Moody. “Some topics can take a lot of words to explain and if you can show someone it really helps. Videos are great for that. You get to watch a person going through the sequences and hear them explain what they are doing as they go.

“We’re also focusing on map and farm set-up because they are a crucial part of getting started with the software.

Pasture reporting with the FarmIQ software

Video thumbnail

When you record pasture covers in the FarmIQ software you get several reporting options to help you make decisions about feed, rotations, stock buying and selling.

It is now possible to import files of pasture cover information from tow-behind and other measuring devices using an upload feature in the FarmIQ software. (This can occur automatically for people with JenQuip packages.)

There are several useful reports available in the FarmIQ software that draw on the recorded pasture cover information.