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Pasture reporting with the FarmIQ software

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When you record pasture covers in the FarmIQ software you get several reporting options to help you make decisions about feed, rotations, stock buying and selling.

It is now possible to import files of pasture cover information from tow-behind and other measuring devices using an upload feature in the FarmIQ software. (This can occur automatically for people with JenQuip packages.)

There are several useful reports available in the FarmIQ software that draw on the recorded pasture cover information. 

Helping farmers succeed

   Some of the FarmIQ Training and Support staff: (from left) Pam Russell, Arron Gardner, Tine Thierauch and Malcolm Hunter


Wanaka farmer Mike Scurr aims to get his farm staff familiar enough with recording that it’s second nature.

Mike got a FarmIQ subscription for Hillend Station six months ago and recently he and two staff attended the latest round of FarmIQ training workshops. “FarmIQ will be our hub for all aspects of our business,” he explains. “Therefore our staff need to be upskilled to the point that data entry is no more foreign than sending a text or writing in a note book.”

Take the guesswork out of allocating feed

Massey University student Sam Pike gives his assessment of the FeedSmart calculator, after giving it a test run. The calculator was commissioned by Beef + Lamb New Zealand and the Red Meat Profit Partnership, using a model developed by FarmIQ to calculate feed requirements for animals, and allows you to calculate pasture/crop usage when moving animals to paddocks.

Read Sam's piece

Give-it-a-go sessions & subscriber workshops in the South

The FarmIQ Training & Support team has worked with local FarmIQ Business Managers to arrange two types of event in Otago and Southland over the next two months.

These are:

Interactive module for vet technicians

FarmIQ has contributed an online module to a course for veterinary technicians run by the New Zealand Veterinary Association.

FarmIQ trainer Teena Moody developed a 15-minute interactive segment about recording weights against EID tags. "Vet technicians do a lot of the hands-on work like weighing for some FarmIQ subscribers," she says. "This module aims to give them a better understanding of why you weigh cattle. And at the same time they are learning about the FarmIQ software.

Environment planning software – questions to ask

If you're not sure what you can expect from environment planning software, here are some suggested questions to get you started...

Easy farm assurance audits

A farmer who used the FarmIQ software for a farm assurance trial says it is “really good” for meeting the audit requirements.

Gareth Isbister runs around 1500 head of finishing beef and dairy grazers on 440ha near Oamaru. He started using the FarmIQ software in August 2015 to record a range of farm information.

Profitable trading lambs

After making a profit on a mob of trading merino lambs this past season, Rakaia Gorge farmer Paul Ensor is planning to buy in another lot this coming summer.

And before heading to the sales he will pull up the Gross Margin Calculator in the FarmIQsoftware to assess how much he can pay based on an acceptable margin.

FarmIQ for dairy

Recently FarmIQ was invited to present its farm management software at Synlait Milk’s Lead With Pride™ Focus Day. These days are held twice a year and aim to support Synlait’s Canterbury milk suppliers to achieve best-practice dairy farming.

There are currently 100,000 dairy cows recorded with the FarmIQ software. This may seem surprising given the software was purpose-built for drystock farmers.