FarmIQ Programme

FarmIQ PGP wind-down starts

IQ Farm representatives from around the country met for a final time recently at Telford.

FarmIQ has been preparing for the end of the 7-year Primary Growth Partnership, which winds down at the end of June.

“We are developing a number of reports and presentations,” says Collier Isaacs, the CEO of the FarmIQ PGP.

As part of this, the IQ Farms project teams met recently in Southland to prepare for reporting on their on-farm trials.  

Product development in Germany

A display in Germany

It’s been a busy couple of years for Silver Fern Farm’s marketing team in Germany.

Part of the Product Development workstream of the FarmIQ Primary Growth Partnership, the aim of this project is to earn premium prices for new, Silver Fern Farms-branded retail ranges.

In March 2015, the six new sales staff ran a trial of frozen lamb and venison retail packs with EDEKA, Germany’s largest supermarket group.

Free FeedSmart calculator

Here's a handy way to calculate feed requirements for sheep and cattle or to work out pasture/crop usage when moving animals to paddocks... The new FeedSmart Calculator from Beef & Lamb New Zealand & the Red Meat Profit Partnership. It's powered by the FarmIQ software. Feel free to share it Click here

Comment: Take a bow John McEwan

A key ingredient for a research and development programme like FarmIQ is leaders with vision and the ability to pull together teams and funding.

It has been our pleasure to work with John McEwan of AgResearch over the past six years of the programme - as he has both these qualities in spades. John recently retired and we would like to acknowledge his enormous contribution.

Comment: FarmIQ developing better processing feedback

Experimental beef boning at Finegand

The aim of FarmIQ's Processing workstream has been to develop electronic tracking and measurement in processing plants, to provide more data and to support process improvement.

This work is mostly complete, with just a few projects to finish, so we have invited the workstream leader, Grant Pearson of Silver Fern Farms, to reflect on what has been achieved...

FarmIQ in farm data sharing project

FarmIQ has been helping pave the way for easier data sharing in the pastoral industry.

FarmIQ - Continuing to develop its farm management software

John Dyckhoff


The FarmIQ System is now in continuous development mode to respond to customers' needs. The core functions were completed in August 2014, after a build that began in May 2012. FarmIQ’s Product Development Manager John Dyckhoff is overseeing the ongoing development.

Comment: Making good use of technology in farming

Farmers like Barry and Julie Crawford of Gore are showing how technology can provide value to a farming business. They won the Lincoln University award for best use of technology in the South Island Farmer of the Year competition in mid November.

FarmIQ - Strength in numbers

Wyndham farmer Murray Kennedy says FarmIQ is the way ahead for sheep and beef farmers - and not just to help drive farm performance. 

Murray also believes in the power of the collective, and he sees FarmIQ as a way sheep and beef farmers can work together to achieve better outcomes for everyone.

Year 4 Insights report

FarmIQ Year 4 Insights report – An overview of progress during FarmIQ's fourth year of operation – to June 2014, including reflections from the CEO and Chairperson, workstream leads and participating farmers.