Farm software that makes your life easier

Farm management software to meet the needs of your farm business

Map Pack

New ways to see your farm

Starter Pack

A Pack to get you started


Manage your land for profitable and sustainable production

Animal plus

Manage your animals for profitable production

The Lot

The complete software that gives you the full picture

The FarmIQ software:

Gives you easy recording and reporting

Helps you run your farm

Gives you analysis tools to make informed decisions

Helps you show you're meeting compliance requirements

With optional extras — Health & safety and Environment planning


The facts are right in front of you... I'm targeting it to help me make decisions.

Jeff Cleveland, Brae-Lynn, Otago

I use the phone app to record as we go, and we will be ready for an audit. I like doing it too.

Penny White, Hina Hina Farm, Southland