What computer equipment do I need to run the FarmIQ software?

To run the FarmIQ software, you need a PC, laptop or a notebook-style tablet running a current version of Windows or IOS (on an Apple Mac).

Also, you need internet access, and we recommend that you use the Google Chrome browser. The software base functionality has been designed to work when you are offline as well as when you are hooked up; but some functions, for example reporting, require you to be online at the time of use.

The software has not been optimised for, or tested on, iPads or tablets running the android operating system, and functionality on these will be limited.

You can run the FarmIQ mobile app on an iPhone running version 7.1.2 or higher, or an android smartphone running version 4.1 or higher. It will run better on phones that have good memory capacity and operating speed.

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I want to get involved with FarmIQ but I’m not confident with computers?

We’ve designed a series of Packs for the different ways people want to use the System. We recommend that people who are just starting out with computers begin with the Starter Pack and follow the online guides to get started. You can use a phone app which many people find a handy way to use the System.

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Who owns my farm information on the FarmIQ software?

You retain full ownership of your farm information. Only you can give consent for your individual farm information to be shared, for example with your farm team or advisers. You do authorise us to use your farm data in aggregated form - that is together with data from other farms - for benchmarking and commercial purposes. There are rules around how this can be done to ensure it cannot be traced back to any individual farm.

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How do I know my farm information is secure on the FarmIQ software?

FarmIQ operates according to best-practice protocols to ensure that your privacy is protected and that all your farm information is reliably and securely stored. FarmIQ became accredited to the New Zealand Farm Data Code of Practice in March 2016. FarmIQ's farm management software uses cloud-based software – so it’s on the internet rather than on your computer hard drive. This means, for example, that if your computer crashes, your farm information is still secure.

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What types of enterprise can use the FarmIQ software?

The FarmIQ software was initially designed for beef cattle,sheep and deer around red meat production, and it can also work for dairy farming. It will not work for other livestock (such as pigs or goats). This software has some applicability for plant-based systems such as forestry or horticulture, with features such as task management, health & safety, mapping, harvest recording, paddock histories including application recording, and environmental planning.

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How long does it take to get set up on the FarmIQ software?

This depends on which Pack you choose and whether you already have a digital, GIS map. It could range from a day to two weeks (depending on how quickly we can get the required farm information).

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How well does the FarmIQ software work with rural internet and cellphone connections?

It has been designed to run with typical rural connectivity speeds. It is also designed to work offline, so you then sync when connection is available. There’s also a mobile app option, which enables you to collect information in the paddock even where there’s no coverage, and it will sync later.

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I’ve got other farm management software, where does the FarmIQ software fit?

The easiest way to describe the FarmIQ software is: it’s a farm information hub. It can record all your animal, land, feed and staff management information and it integrates them. There is no other independently owned software that can do this. However, there are several other useful software tools and we intend to link with them (rather than building those parts ourselves). There is already a data link set up between the FarmIQ software and: Farmax and CashManager Rural. We are in discussions with several further companies. 

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What help is available if I get stuck with something on the FarmIQ software?

If you get stuck with something on the FarmIQ System, we suggest that you check out the Help section of the website. If it’s not answered there, you should call or email the FarmIQ Support desk.

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Do I have to have my animals EID-tagged to use the FarmIQ software?

In short, no.

The FarmIQ software is set up to manage cattle, deer and sheep.

Of course, cattle and deer are already all required by law to carry EID tags, and the software will help you get farm management benefits by enabling you to analyse their individual information.

For sheep, we’ve set up the option of mob management – or with EID tagging you can manage them more as individuals, which can be very powerful. You could EID tag a sample of your stock and get a lot of benefit that way.

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Will using the FarmIQ software mean more time in the office?

We understand that farmers don’t usually want to spend more time in the office, so we’re doing everything we can so you can collect information as you go, out on the farm. We offer an app for iPhones and android phones that you can use to enter information like health treatments and to quickly upload weights from your scale indicator box. (The first iPhone version has all the functions except weight uploads, which will be possible once indicators are made compatible.)

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What does FarmIQ offer farmers to help us manage health and safety?

FarmIQ believes health and safety is about two things: looking after your people and visitors, and ensuring you’re meeting compliance requirements. FarmIQ’s farm management software helps you do all the health and safety recording and reporting you need for both purposes. The software specifically covers: hazards and incidents registers, handling visitors and contractors, staff training and meetings, and emergency planning. Also, the software helps you manage other items of your farm’s health and safety system through enabling scheduling of tasks and meetings, task tracking, and recording. You do this all online (and some of it with a phone app), so it can be paperless. You can attach files such as documents and photos, and use online mapping. To put it simply, you can use FarmIQ to take your farm health and safety management to the next stage. If you are starting out with developing the health and safety system for your farm, we can recommend these two links for good information and resources: WorkSafe New Zealand and Institute of Directors.

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