FarmIQ Safe workplace statement

The CEO (Collier Isaacs) advises FarmIQ is committed to maintaining safe working environments for all our employees.

Health & Safety is everyone's responsibility and everyone (all employees and contractors) are expected to share our Health & Safety commitments and to act safely at all times.

FarmIQ will ensure the safety of employees by:

  • Providing and maintaining safe working environments
  • Identifying, assessing, controlling and mitigating hazards in the workplace
  • Ensuring all employees are properly trained and supervised
  • Developing, implementing and maintaining  emergency and evacuation procedures
  • Promoting an environment supporting open, early and accurate reporting of near miss incidents, including follow-up and feedback to staff
  • Fully supporting ongoing consultation, participation and feedback in all Health & Safety matters with everyone employed at FarmIQ, including employees and contractors.
  • Complying with all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of practice.

Our FIQ team rules are…

I will always: 

  • Drive to the conditions and take regular breaks when driving long distances and not drive when tired
  • Wear a safety-approved helmet on bikes and quads and not take passengers
  • Wear FarmIQ-approved safety gear
  • Call out my mates on any unsafe behaviours
  • Be alcohol and drug-free at work.