About the FarmIQ programme


FarmIQ's vision is to create a consumer-driven, integrated value chain for red meat, delivering sustainable benefits to all participants: farmers, processors and marketers. 

Achieving this means listening to the meat consumer to understand what they want (and will pay more for), then working together across the supply chain to ensure their expectations are being consistently met.

This model is not new, but it is new for the red meat industry. What better country to take this premium position in the global red meat market, than New Zealand?


The New Zealand Institute of Economic Research estimated at the outset that FarmIQ will grow NZ's GDP by an additional $1.1b by the conclusion of the seven-year programme - an additional $8.8b by 2025.


Following a successful bid to the Ministry for Primary Industries’ Primary Growth Partnership (PGP) fund, FarmIQ was officially established in August 2010.

FarmIQ's Partners, Silver Fern Farms, Landcorp Farming Limited and Tru-Test, recognised that individually they did not have the resources nor capability to fulfill the vision - but by working collectively it was possible.

See the FarmIQ PGP Business Plan Summary (2.2 MB pdf)


The benefits will be delivered through a series of technologies and progressively – rather than from a single silver bullet or overnight.

FarmIQ is progressing five distinct projects:

  • Market research and product development
  • Processing feedback
  • Genetics for meat quality and yield
  • Maximising farm performance through measuring and monitoring
  • FarmIQ System – an information hub for farmers.

Each of these is significant in its own right – and they are also being integrated as the FarmIQ programme progresses – so the sum is even greater than the parts.


Programme & Year 7 Insights (2.2MB)

Year 6 Insights (1.7MB)

Year 5 Insights (1.5MB)

Year 4 Insights (2.2MB)

Year 3 Insights (3.7MB)

Year 2 Insights (2.4MB) 

Year 1 Insights (1.2MB)